The Sabbatical

Trip Update

My one year sabbatical came to an end as of early April, 2015. Pam and I are now back in Western Washington after spending a year traveling around Europe. I’m planning to build a solar house on the Key Peninsula. I plan to travel a bit each winter. Stay tuned for more updates on bees, travel and solar houses!

Where am I now?

I’m in Lakebay, Washington, USA.

Wish list

I’d love to share my knowledge of:

  • Natural beekeeping
  • Building alternative style hives
  • Gardening for bees

I know a bit about the following things, and would love to learn more:

  • organic gardening
  • mycology
  • permaculture
  • vermiculture
  • growing in greenhouses

Countries/regions I’m interested in visiting:

  • All of Europe!
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • SE Asia
  • South Pacific islands

I currently do not have a set itinerary (and probably won’t!) so please get in touch, and help with ideas and invitations so I don’t just wander aimlessly around the planet!