Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh

In early September I visited the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, and it is one of my favorite gardens.The “Botanics,” as it is known locally, is a beautifully maintained and diverse botanical garden. As with many of the state run attractions in Scotland, the Botanics is free! There is no entry fee.

We enjoyed visiting the glass houses, both old and new.

00 Botanics hob
The Palm House at the Botanics, built in 1834

01 Botanics hob
This modern glass house was built in 1967

Of course, we saw bees!

07 Botanics hob
Honey bee on batchelor’s buttons

Just outside of the more modern glass house was a planting that seems as though it was planted with pollinators in mind. There was sage, lavender, and lots of dahlias and other great pollinator plants.

02 Botanics hob

03 Botanics hob
Bumble bee on dahlia

These dahlias are a great example of a good pollinator plant. They have very few petals, so the pollen and nectar are made easily available to a variety of pollinators. It was great to see butterflies, bumble bees and honey bees all taking advantage of these late summer blooms.

04 Botanics  hob

05 Botanics hob

06 Botanics hob

If you’re in Edinburgh, I highly recommend a stop at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.