Museo de la Miel, Colmenar, Spain

Colmenar is a small town in the mountains north of Málaga, in the region of southern Spain called Andalucia. Colmenar was a 45 minute drive from the coastal area where I stayed, and it made a nice day trip by car.

01 Museo

02 Museo

Colmenar means “apiary” in Spanish and the region has a long history of beekeeping. The main attraction for me in Colmenar was their excellent beekeeping museum, the Museo de la Miel (literal translation = Honey Musuem).

03 Museo

The Museo de la Miel is housed in a two story building which is tucked away on a narrow side street in the center of town.

04 Museo

05 Museo

The museum is very well designed. When I first entered the museum, I was shown to a small room and watched a video that covered the history of beekeeping in the region, as well as introducing beekeeping as a hobby and industry.

I then went upstairs to explore the museum. This impressive display of harvesting honey from the side of a cliff really captured my attention!

06 Museo

Just over to the right of the honey harvester is a larger than life bee, complete with full pollen baskets.

07 Museo

There were many displays about the history of beekeeping. These wall displays are recreations of cave drawings about beekeeping.

09 Museo

10  Museo

11  Museo

There were many types of hives at the museum. This straw or reed hive is similar to a skep.12 Museo

Here’s the same style as above but made of wood. I was told that these two hives (the one above and below) were meant to hang up in the air, and used to be used in Northern Spain as a way to keep the bears away from the hives. They no longer need these, as it is claimed there are no more bears in that part of Spain.13 Museo

A few examples of log hives and older wooden hives. 14 Museo

15 Museo

16 Museo

17 Museo

22 Museo

These reed and mud hives were interesting.18 Museo

19 Museo

20 Museo

21 Museo

These display cases held old beekeeping tools and books.

23 Museo

24 Museo

Finally, some modern painted hives. 25 Museo

26 Museo

27 Museo

This is the restroom sign for the museum. Reina (queen) to the right, zángano (drone) to the left!

08 Museo

Downstairs there was an area for honey tasting, and a small shop where you could purchase honey and other products. 28 MuseoI was very impressed with the Museo de la Miel in Colmenar, Spain. It is perhaps the nicest bee museum I’ve been to. If you’re in the Andalucia area, be sure to visit!