Mason Bee House Plans



Click on the image above to download a pdf file, which includes a set of plans and detailed instructions to build the House of Bees Mason Bee Observation House.

Once you have the pdf file open, you can save it or print it.


Features of the Mason Bee Observation House with reversible roof:

  • The house is made of wood
  • There are 14 nesting holes
  • The roof is a release area for loose cocoons, and in the reversed position can hold mason bee tubes.
  • The top row of holes is meant for two pieces of clear tubing for observing mason bee nesting.

This is a great project for teaching kids about mason bees.

Materials needed:

  • 27″ of 1″x8″ lumber
  • 36″ of 1″x6″ lumber
  • Glue and your choice of fasteners
  • 12 common mason bee tubes and liners and 2 clear vinyl tubes. Vinyl tubing (5/16″ inside diameter, 7/16″ outside diameter) can be purchased at your local hardware store.