My beekeeping adventure started when I joined a local beekeeping group and attended their “Bee School”. As a gardener, beekeeping seemed like a natural companion hobby. After all, bees and plants have a symbiotic relationship.

I wasn’t going to keep any bees the first year – “I’ll just learn about them,” I thought. I had expected no greater commitment than, say, collecting stamps or joining a bowling league. But everything changed with the collection of that first swarm of honey bees.

The bees have allowed me to have a glimpse into their world – one where society and order are completely different from our own.

The bees give me a reason to view our environment from a different perspective. Weather, bloom time, wind direction, sunlight, shadow and the seasons all take on a different meaning when viewed with bees in mind.

The Hives


At House of Bees most of the bees are in Warré -style hives (a sort of vertical top bar hive), where the bees build natural comb. An example of this type of hive is shown in the picture above. This style of hive is a House of Bees exclusive.

This particular hive was painted by Rose Guastella. For more information about Rose, visit her online at Big Timber Studios.