Welcome to the website for House of Bees!

I’m Darren, a beekeeper and gardener, and I am committed to increasing habitat for honeybees and native bees, as well as sharing my knowledge about natural beekeeping.

For the past several years, I’ve sold seeds and alternative hives to the backyard beekeeping community in the Pacific Northwest. My site is now informational only. If you’d like to purchase flower seeds for bees, you can contact Ruhl Bee Supply in Gladstone, Oregon.

In April 2014 my wife and I went on a sabbatical tour of Europe. The details of the trip are on the Sabbatical page on this site. You can read about my beekeeping travels on the Updates from the Road page, as well as on the House of Bees Facebook page.

Now at House of Bees, the plans are FREE!

You can download the Warré-style hive plans and the mason bee observation house plans at no charge by clicking the links below!


Here’s a fun winter experiment I’ve tried in the past:


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